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da Vinci


A Barons shirt is much more than just a shirt. You would be surprised about the journey from raw cotton to final shirt. Everything is considered and tested down to the smallest detail and we have made many visible and non-visible choices on the path to create The Perfect Shirt.


A fantastic shirt starts with the ultimate cotton fiber. That's why we exclusively work with US-PIMA cotton, which is mainly grown in the San Joaquin Valley in California. Cultivated at the perfect conditions with stable day/night temperatures and just the right humidity for the cotton plant to thrive and reach the longest fibre lengths available in the industry.

For our business shirts we exclusively use Extra Long Staple cotton (ELS). It represents the very top 3% of cotton produced Worldwide. Using ELS-cotton means we can develop extremely fine and soft fabric without compromising on durability. A non-brainer in our world.


We have a clear ambition to get as close as humanly possible to true non-iron - without making any dirty compromises in the processes or materials. It's a complex task but we believe it's achievable and we think we have come a long way so far.

We want to make sure our shirts remain razor sharp all day long. For this reason our fabrics are optimised for non-iron performance. The sum of many small adjustments to yarns, weave, density and fabric finishing methods all play a part in achieving the optimal balance. We finish our fabric at one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly finishing units worldwide, located in the mountains of Switzerland. This means that our fabrics are ALWAYS tested and certified according to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. So you can rest assured that the shirt you wear countless hours is 100% free from harmful chemistry, silver particles or untested nano particles.


With a corporate past working long hours at a global consultancy firm, we know all about the importance of the small details.

Of course we use weaved labels to make sure nothing scratches your neck. We use >150 stitches per buttonhole, twice the industry standard to make sure the buttonholes are strong and appear nice.

Our shirts are sewn with 7 stitches per cm. The optimum balance in our view. Our skilled tailors take their time to stitch traditional seams with finely turned hems; creating the perfect balance between elegance and durability.

We attach and fix our Swedish-made buttons to the shirt using a patented technique, where a machine spins a thread on the inside of the button to ensure extra long lasting button attachment. There's nothing more annoying than a button falling off a perfectly good shirt.

Without a doubt the best shirt I have ever owned!

Barons is in my opinion the best shirt in the world - fantastic fabric quality which is almost impossible to crease on a workday. Besides this it's extremely easy to iron.
Steffen (Facebook)
After wearing E*** for 10 years this is the first time I have tried a shirt which I would say is both better and cheaper. Good job guys!
Jakob (Facebook)
Fit and quality is top level, and I have tried lots of different premium shirts to compare with. I am a huge fan and know where my future shirts will come from. Price to quality is high class. Keep up the good work...
Allan (Facebook)
Great quality!

There is so much control over the details of both the product and the packaging that I think it's cocky! - in a really good way!
Kevin (Facebook)
Fantastisk kvalitet.

I use both "The Consultant" og "The CEO" and they are really great in different ways. Stays sharp all day and they are super easy to "freshen up" with the iron. Can only recommend Barons shirts.
Christian (Facebook)


We do e-mails the same way we create our shirts. Focus on the things that matter, only the essentials and always worth your time. This is our promise.

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