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A Year In To The Story of Denmark’s New Shirt Brand

A Year In To The Story of Denmark’s New Shirt Brand

December 2017THE JOURNEY

BARONS has been live for twelve months now, so this is the perfect time to lock back on a crazy year, where absolutely every emotion have been tried and tested

We often joke, that we never would have started this insane venture, if we’d known in advance how many challenges we would face. We have a new-found respect for the craftsmanship it takes, to produce truly great shirts on a larger scale. There are so many different manufacturing processes, and so many parts to one single shirt, as well as so many areas where it all can go horribly wrong…

Not many people realize, that a lot of the parts on a Barons shirt are developed by people in white coats in laboratories. We certainly didn’t grasp the full scope of it ourselves a year ago. After all, it was “just” a white shirt.

But during the year we’ve come to realize just how important it is to have brilliant textile wizards on our team. It takes some serious expertise to ensure the successful journey of a freshly harvested batch of Extra Long-Stable PIMA cotton, to a finished shirt reaching the person, who needs to look his best at that all-important Monday meeting. We’ve realized that our most essential task is to ensure, that we are surrounded by people who are much more skilled and experienced than us in everything from cotton, textiles, weaving, yarn, textile treatment, buttons, Oeko-Tex certification, production etc. etc.  

One of our greatest challenges in 2017 was to make sure, that we had enough shirts in stock to keep up with demand. We finally have a new sewing facility (located in the EU, of course), and we have high hopes for this new collaboration. An unswerving production process is pivotal for us, and for the concept we have mapped out. We do not have an army of investors behind us, so every dime is reinvested in the company, to make Barons even better in the future.

2017 was the year when shirt boys became men

We have great plans for the new year. We are introducing shirts with extra long sleeves and extra long fit, as well as two brand new models in our collection. We are also launching a new webshop as a stepping stone for the international part of our mission...

In 2018 we are also relocating to make room for the new employees already on our team, and for the ones we will be adding on during the year.
We would like to thank everyone, who have ever tried on a Barons shirt. We are eternally grateful! Here’s hoping that 2018 will be the best year ever for everyone - in life and in business.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Joachim Latocha




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