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Danish Online Shirtmaker Challenges Swedish Shirt Giants

Danish Online Shirtmaker Challenges Swedish Shirt Giants


The idea for Barons of Copenhagen came to life in one of Shanghais high-speed trains. The main ingredients were two directors from Deloitte, a sea of businessmen in dishevelled shirts, the dream of a start-up and an overwhelming ambition to create something new. In a mere split second, the idea to make a Danish challenger to the Swedish shirt giants was born. 

Interview “Politiken”, 31.12.2016

The founders of Barons, Joachim and Kristian, have been wearing shirts as a part of their business attire for a long time. The former directors of Deloitte Corporate Finance have previously been involved in buying and selling companies all over the world. They saw and experienced first-hand how some high-end quality shirts held up during the day, while others visibly failed very quickly. The business model was clear from the minute the idea was born. Joachim and Kristian would develop, manufacture and sell the perfect business shirt, state-of-the-art quality and fit, at significantly lower prices than any other quality shirts out there.  

- Our company was founded on an autumn day in 2014. We were in the middle of a business deal, but on the train, Kristian and I started joking about the quality of our shirts. Mine had successfully made it through the day, while Kristians failed miserably. It became very clear to us, that although all the brands claimed to have a quality product, very few actually lived up to that promise. An idea was born. We would develop and distribute quality shirts at much better prices than was currently available, says 31-year-old MSc(Econ) entrepreneur, Joachim Latocha.

Tough business

Today Joachim and Kristian are the proud creators of a high-end shirt and a very edgy brand. The Barons shirt is consistently scoring in high end of the shirt spectrum, as it is made of only the finest fabrics in the world, from some of the best cotton in the world. The cotton hails from Egypt and the southern states of the US. The textiles are weaved in Germany and Italy, and then treated in Switzerland, while the actual sewing process is handled by experts in Eastern Europe. All manufacturing is done by well-renowned factories, who focuses on environmentally friendly processes and fair working conditions, with an anti-child labour guarantee and absolutely no trace of chemicals in the fabrics. 

- We have created this shirt from scratch, and our aim was to develop a quality shirt, that is easy to iron and looks great all day. We know how important it is, that the shirt still looks crisp and fresh in the afternoon. It has not been our mission to make a fashion brand, which is why the shirt only comes in business associated colours, such as white and light blue. During the development process our main focus has been to do away with all unnecessary and costly middlemen. We have been to trade shows, contacted sewing plants, designers and textile manufacturers. We have been to a number of meetings and have had to kick open quite a few doors ourselves. But it has paid off, and today we have a unique shirt on our hands, that does very well in the corporate realm. The industry is tough as nails, but we have succeeded to break through the walls, and our customers give us amazing feedback, says the other half of the shirt making duo, 30-year-old MSc(Econ) Kristian Rønsholdt.


The shirt of choice

The Barons shirt is available online in three different designs, named after some of the characters, Kristian and Joachim have met in their careers. The CEO is a white, eye-catching shirt in a somewhat sturdier fabric. The Banker, with its extreme cutaway-collar, is a bit more daring, while the classical and reliable The Consultant caters to the needs of any businessman. Very shortly The Lawyer, The Founder and The Art Director will also be joining the Barons family. The objective is to make Barons shirts the shirt of choice for businessmen everywhere. Step one is to conquer the Danish and Nordic countries, before taking on Europe and North America.

 - We need to be a global brand, because with this level of quality and sophistication, the shirt deserves it. But we are aware, that it requires a lot of marketing and innovation to break into such a conservative market, and we ultimately need to find new ways to reach our customers. Men are creatures of habit, and a webshop just isn’t enough.

Free-flying Baron
The name “Barons of Copenhagen” was chosen, because a baron is a free individual, in thought and in action. But throughout history he was also a man, who was an permanent part of the King’s court. The Barons online universe is centred on just that, and the boys are inviting every Barons costumer to find their own truest version of themselves and hopefully join the Barons family.  


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